CourseAvenue Accessibility Player Provides Fresh Approach to Section 508 Compliant e-Learning

Warrenville, IL - Monday, December 01, 2008

CourseAvenue, a leader in Learning Content Authoring Systems (LCMS), is proud to announce the availability of the CourseAvenue Accessibility Player, a new technology that builds Section 508 compliance into the core of e-Learning content. Section 508 was enacted by the federal government to eliminate barriers in information technology, to make available new opportunities for people with disabilities, and to encourage development of technologies that help achieve these goals. By embedding Section 508 requirements directly into their course player, CourseAvenue provides a shorter and easier path for organizations to provide Section 508 compliant accessible training content to learners with disabilities.

With the Accessibility Player, Section 508 standards are built-in. While many e-Learning tools support some accessibility standards, they do so largely by relying on individual developers to interpret and apply the complexities of Section 508 compliance requirements. The likelihood and cost of producing non- 508 compliant e-Learning is very high when inexperienced developers make their first attempts at accessibility. CourseAvenue's Accessibility Player provides the foundation for developers to adhere to Section 508 standards, allowing course authors and subject matter experts to focus on course content, not government requirements.

"Having seen the failures of organizations using what they think are 'Section 508 compliant tools' has motivated our development efforts" explains Joe Gorup, CourseAvenue CEO. "By melding sound instructional design, Section 508 accessibility standards, and screen reader functionality into our player technology, the cost and lead time for producing e-Learning for everyone, including people with disabilities, is dramatically reduced."

For validation of the Accessibility Player, CourseAvenue worked closely Criterion 508 Solutions, Inc. Criterion is the nation's leading auditors of Section 508 compliance and acts and an "independent third party" auditor to its clients. Criterion utilizes an extensive array of assistive software and hardware, e-Learning courses, disabled developers/auditors, and the most rigorous testing methodologies in the industry. During extensive reviews, CourseAvenue technical staff and Criterion experts worked through a variety of issues, including limitations inherent to developing courses in a Flash-based authoring tool.

"We were very impressed with the way CourseAvenue's technical team pushed past the limits encountered during the development of their Accessibility Player," stated Anna Bradley, CEO of Criterion 508 Solutions, Inc. "They found unique and creative ways to ensure that accessible e-Learning courses developed on their platform adheres to Section 508 requirements."

Moving forward, a teaming arrangement between CourseAvenue and Criterion 508 Solutions provides government and corporate clients readily available Section 508 experts for any 508 related questions or issues which may arise during the course development process.

CourseAvenue has developed programs to assist clients with developing new courses as well as re-purposing existing courses into Section 508 compliant e-Learning content. To learn more, contact CourseAvenue today.

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