About Our Customers

Customers choose CourseAvenue because we deliver a collaborative, process-based platform for creating dynamic e-Learning courses in less time with less cost. And those courses meet stringent government requirements for ADA, Section 508 (US), AODA (Canada) and DDA (UK) accessibility.

Enabling e-Learning

CourseAvenue will rapidly and efficiently align subject matter experts with your courseware development team and subject matter experts.

Save on Course Development

Most CourseAvenue customers can reduce the cost of e-Learning course development by nearly 50% while shrinking the average timeframe to delivery by nearly 8 weeks. See for yourself how CourseAvenue has helped our customers to:

  • Deliver rapid and engaging online training.
  • Improve processes and SME collaboration.
  • Build a complete custom course catalog faster.
  • Quickly integrate advanced features into static content such as surveys, tracking, analysis, course administration, and content management.
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