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The following Webinars on e-Learning development, authoring software, and implementation are conducted by CourseAvenue.

Topic: PowerPoint Import Utility

Who Will Benefit: any contributors, course developers or media creators who are interested in learning more about our PowerPoint Import Utility and how it works. 

What Will Be Covered: business-centric overview of the use of PowerPoint for course development to technical details behind CourseAvenue's PowerPoint Import Utility.

  • Learn the reasoning behind converting PowerPoint slides into CourseAvenue.
  • Learn how the PowerPoint Import Utility maps PowerPoint objects into a course in CourseAvenue.
  • Learn some of the challenges of the import process as well as best practice methods to importing your PowerPoint presentations.

Using a Collaborative e-Learning Development Environment to Leverage Your Resources and Expertise

Who Will Benefit: those with an in-house or partially outsourced e-learning development team.

What Will Be Covered: how companies are using assigned roles, teamwork and best-of-breed tool to rapidly develop e-Learning courses.

  • Learn how to increase collaboration of experts throughout the e-Learning development process.
  • Learn how to realize an increased ROI by utilizing assets created using best-of-breed tools.
  • Learn how to decrease financial risk by incorporating a web-based development platform into the training program.
  • Learn how to dramatically reduce the cost and time to market of e-Learning.

Meeting the Challenge of ADA, Section 508, AODA and DDA Compliant e-Learning

Who Will Benefit: any organization interested in providing e-Learning to disabled learners.

What Will Be Covered: more cost effective ways to build ADA, Section 508, AODA and DDA compliant e-Learning and bring compliance to the e-Learning market.

  • Learn about the challenges to creating “accessible” e-Learning.
  • Learn what approaches have been taken and what are their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Learn what tools and processes are available, and how do they impact compliance and accessibility efforts.

Converting PowerPoint to ADA, Section 508, AODA and DDA Compliant e-Learning

Who Will Benefit: anyone who needs to quickly and efficiently convert PowerPoint presentations into ADA, Section 508, AODA and DDA compliant e-Learning.

What Will Be Covered: how PowerPoints that fail compliance testing can be converted into accessibility compliant courses.

  • Learn how to avoid exporting content to countless lines of HTML code.
  • Learn how to avoid spending hours, days, even weeks hand coding compliance into each course.
  • Get a market overview and we'll share some of our accessibility experiences.
  • Learn how to quickly turn presentations into standard Flash-based, SCORM conformant e-Learning.
  • Learn how you can leverage your efforts by having accessibility requirements embedded directly into the core technology.

e-Learning Advantage

Who Will Benefit: anyone who is new to e-Learning.

What Will Be Covered: "de-mystifying" the e-Learning development process for you.

  • Learn the details of implementing an e-Learning program.
  • Get a review of the many options.
  • Learn if there really is a one-size-fits-all solution.

e-Learning Simplified - A CourseAvenue Demonstration

Who Will Benefit: those already using desktop authoring tools but interested in an easier, more efficient development of standards-conformant (SCORM/AICC) courses.

What Will Be Covered: how to leverage your course development with the enhanced capabilities found in CourseAvenue's Studio learning content management system (LCMS) authorware.

  • Learn how the affordability of desktop authoring tools can be combined with the enhanced capabilities such as a shared media repository, scalability, and decentralized development that are typical of more expensive LCMS products.
  • See a demonstration of the capabilities and benefits of a web-based collaborative environment.
  • See a demonstration of CourseAvenue Studio e-learning authorware and LCMS.

e-Learning Jumpstart

Who Will Benefit: anyone looking to implement self-paced learning, HR professional's looking for top-shelf HR content, and developers looking to reduce cost and time to market of e-Learning content.

What Will Be Covered: how to realize the cost savings of e-learning while avoiding the high cost of custom courses and expensive LMS implementations.

  • Learn how to reduce both the cost and time to market of e-Learning content.
  • See the benefits of self-paced e-Learning demonstrated over simple PowerPoint content.
  • Learn how to personalize off-the-shelf HR content (Sexual Harassment Prevention, Violence in the Workplace Prevention, etc.) from CCH Wolters Kluwer to include your custom text, graphics, and attachments.
  • See a demonstration of patent-pending hybrid e-Learning development.
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