CourseAvenue is Proud to Announce Release 3.4

Thanks to comments and feedback from you, our customers, we've adding some important and interesting functionality to our e-Learning development software. As we add features, we maintain our continuous focus on allowing our users to develop Section 508-compliant e-Learning.

Here is a list of enhancement users will see in Version 3.4:

CourseAvenue Studio

  • Audio Script Text entry window - You no longer have to add script text for narrated pages by adding metadata on each page. A new icon (left icon above page content window in the Editor) has been added that will allow you to quickly add audio script text to each page. The new window has a character counter to help you know when you reach the current maximum limit of 4000 characters.
  • Decision Jump Seed - This Seed allows you to create a simple decision point within the typical flow of an exam. The seed is designed to be placed at the end of an exam. Configurable options allow you to control the decision based on a percentage score for the exam, and options to continue onto the next page, or jump to the next or previous lesson.
  • Video Player Seed - This seed allows you to easily embed video files into a course, with our standard set of media controls (play/pause, rewind, forward) and synchronized captions, with full keyboard accessibility and Section 508 compliance. This component supports H.264 encoded MP4 as well as FLV videos. Closed captioning options include the use of SAMI and Timed Text formats as well as other XML-based formats.
  • HTML Editor - We have added a new web-based HTML Editor to Studio. This allows someone (with the appropriate permissions) to edit existing HTML files loaded to the media library, and also create new HTML files directly from the Media Library. In addition, if an HTML file is attached to a page or question as a media item, the HTML editor can also be invoked from the Courseware Editor. Please contact the CourseAvenue administrator at your organization for information on special roles/permissions you'll need to use this new tool.
  • Additional reports added for use by Administrators including published and non-published courses, all courses and count and size of media items for an Organization
  • Course duration (seat time) captured during publishing

CourseAvenue Analyze

  • Increased speed for running Analyze Answer Detail Report
  • Updated course list control on the Analyze import screen

Please contact us for information about upcoming webinars demonstrating the use of these new features.

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