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Let's take a look at some of the features and benefits found in the CourseAvenue Studio development platform. Please contact us if you are interested in a live demonstration of our software.

Web-Based Development Platform

Studio is hosted online using our secure servers, providing 24/7 access. Using a web browser, your team can develop courses anytime from anywhere. Studio eliminates your in-house technical requirements and makes software updates immediately available to all users.

Courses developed in CourseAvenue Studio use a Flash-based player to display the course content to your learners. As long as your learner's computer has a browser and Flash player installed, you're ensured they'll be able to view your course the way you designed it.

Image of computer monitor with five popular browser logos

Media Library for all Your Assets

All course assets are organized within folders in your Library. This asset repository provides a way to organize and manage your media, whether you have 20 or 2,000 media items.

It also allows for simple re-use of your assets, with tools to quickly update media items and view or edit the item's information.

CourseAvenue Studio Editor

The Editor is the core production area of CourseAvenue Studio. From here, you build and modify your courses developing the course structure, entering course content and assigning media assets.

The Editor was built with both beginners and experts in mind. Basic courses can be built from start to finish by beginner developers; while expert developers appreciate the full array of options available for building advanced e-Learning courses.

Text formatting is simple to learn and uses similar concepts found in other software applications, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Image of Studio Editor with asset icons below

Page Layouts

You can chose from a wide variety of page layouts, and customize each page to display your content exactly the way you wish.

Full Set of Assessment Options

CourseAvenue Studio also includes robust assessment options. You can include one or more exams within each course and decide which exams are used to determine the overall course score. Creating question pages is simple with choices such as fill-in-the-blank, true/false, multiple choice, sequencing, and matching question pages.

five images of assessment screens

Skin-Based Courses

e-Learning courses built in CourseAvenue Studio use a player skin, or template, that contains your organization's branding (including logos and color schemes), and course navigation buttons.

Course skins can be customized from simple branding changes to professionally designed custom skins, even mirroring templates in use with existing e-Learning courses.

Three screen images applying different templates
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