Tuesday Topics & Office Hours

Providing the opportunity to learn more and ask questions about CourseAvenue’s products and services.


Anyone interested in learning more about CourseAvenue products and efficient e-Learning development and delivery (including mobile and Section 508 compliance).

What it is:

A weekly, one-hour, live, online information sharing and support opportunity for e-Learning professionals, typically consisting of an initial 20 to 30 minute presentation on a given topic followed by 20 to 30 minutes of open Q&A.

What it is not:

Tuesday Topics & Office Hours is not intended to replace training on CourseAvenue products. Users who have completed their CourseAvenue training and have begun developing and delivering courses, will benefit the most from Tuesday Topics.


To enable CourseAvenue users and affiliates to:
        ●  Become more effective e-Learning producers; Understand the
            nuances of mobile delivery;
        ●  Expand knowledge of CourseAvenue products, such as Studio,
            Analyze and OneCourse;
        ●  Assure courses fully comply with 508* requirements and are
            optimally accessible to those with disabilities.
        ●  Communicate new features and possibilities 
        ●  Provide quick answers to questions

Further Information

If you would like to participate and/or be notified of upcoming Tuesday’s “topics”, please email a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , requesting that you be added to the Tuesday Topics distribution list. Once we receive your email address, we will send out calendar updates and links to the desktop sharing session. If you cannot attend the live session, recorded sessions are converted into eLearning courses, which are available at http://Training.CourseAvenue.com. Tuesday topics are built using our OneCourse technology, allowing it to be viewed on a desktop or mobile device.

Please note, your email address will only be used for purposes of Tuesday Topics communications and will not be shared with any other parties.

Tuesday Topics





Mobile 101

●  How CourseAvenue Studio enables
    Mobile Learning


ADA/Section 508 

●  What is means to be Section 508

●  Studio's accessibility compliance

●  Common mistakes


Introduction to Studio Seeds

●  What is a seed?  

●  Library seed vs page seed?

●  How are seeds developed and used?

●  When is it appropriate to develop a seed?


Video 101

●  Using video in a course

●  Embedded vs Hosted video.

●  Closed Captioning (CC)

●  Video in mobile applications


Updating Media

●  How to effectively replace media items


Hardcopy Generation

●  Converting a course to a print-ready


Project Management Support

●  Tips for effective project managing the
    development and delivery of e-Learning


The New Editor & Advanced Studio Editing

●  A look at the new editor


PowerPoint Import - Tips & Tricks

●  Uploading PowerPoint storyboards using
    Studio's PPT import tool

●  Media management after import



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